Merging professional skills, quality editing, fascinating effects/tools, and several animation styles.

Most consumers and buyers don’t have time to read about your product or service. A video explaining what your brand is about will only help the customer in making quicker decisions and develop an interest in purchasing your product. Animation is the art of making lifeless objects active and manipulating the figures to make them move as images.

HumanTek Art will help put life into characters, props, and environments. We are well experienced in providing video animation services and helping simplify your product, no matter which category your subject belongs to, we will help you tutor clients about your most complicated product, resulting in faster consumption.

Bringing Your Ideas To Life Through Motion

At our video production company, we know how important it is to get the perfect shot – for you and your clients.



HumanTekArt offers 2D and 3D animations for your script, storyline, and products. We create unique and customizable 2D/3D animated videos that compliment your brand and convey your message effectively.

Benefits of 2D and 3D Animation

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Impactful changes and supreme audience

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Guaranteed quality work and budget-friendly packages

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Piloting your idea to life in the face of 2D and 3D animated videos

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Cost-effective and time-saving

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Updated features of 2D and 3D animation

Live Animated Video

Live Animated videos usually consist of promotional products or services, while informing about the product’s benefits as well. This type of animation is great for brands as it portrays customer-oriented advertisements. In order to create captivating narration, animation and live-action are combined. Advertisement Animation also comes under this type.

Silhouette Animation

This animation style is unique yet cost-effective. The audience’s attention-grabbing as not many people use this style for marketing.

Animated Web Demos

If you are looking to demo your website, this is the service for you, as it captures your web portal, maybe with a voiceover or music. It will help your target customers understand the benefits of working with your brand.

Cartoon Animation

Here at HumanTekArt, we bring out the life of your dull content by presenting them in 2D or 3D characters. You are never too old to take interest in cartoons, everyone likes funny, goofy, and entertaining stories. You can choose different characters and styles to convey the message of your brand.


Animated Infographics

This animation type allows you to explain your brand in depth by using different techniques. We us a combination or just one style (as per your requirement) such as text, graph, illustration, and image. Infographics help you portray information about your brand, product, and service

Typography Animation

Do you have notes and study material but don’t know how to upload them on your channel? We got you. Our team will help grabbing your viewer’s attention through moving text that combines motion. HumanTekArt is capable of delivering your message through animated text, either it’s for commercial or educational purposes, or a music video or just for YouTube

Gaming Animation Services

Animated Emotes

If you stream on Twitch and want to communicate better with your audience while gaming, Stationary, and Animated Emotes will do that for you. You can express your emotions through these emotes and convey the emotion to your audience, though we suggest, spreading positive emotions only. Make the emotes look like your face and let them wear your style and swag.

Animated Screens

Want your intro and outro to look cool and jaw-dropping? HumanTekArt will surely help you with that. We are experienced in making animated characters and banners for social links and any achievements you would like to celebrate with your audience. Animated screens add a professional look to your streams and videos by keeping the entertaining for viewers.

Animated Overlay

Animated overlays let you add repeating objects over your content, stars or butterflies, hearts, and other beautiful magical animations. You can apply multiple vibrant overlays to your video as well, just to stand out from the crowd. Animated overlays also include cool, spikey, and electric frames for your stream, matching your channel’s personality and content. Highlight your videos and make sure viewers don’t leave the chat.

Stinger Transition

Looking for cool transitions between your screen switch, this is it. HumanTekArt will provide you with smooth and cool transitions for your videos and streams. Choose your theme by your channel’s whole outlook and let us insert the perfect transition in between the intro, outro, scene change, and other breaks for you.